Did Kathy Griffin Gun for Joan Rivers’ Job?

Call it naive, but I tend to unconditionally believe everything Page Six prints. That being said, Kathy Griffin’s denials about gunning for Joan’s job is pretty convincing. So did the red-headed spitfire set her sights on Fashion Police while Joan was in a coma? Watch her interview with Larry King below and judge for yourself.

Craig Ferguson on “Larry King Now” — WATCH CLIPS

There’s something about Larry King interviews that ooze importance, which is a detail that was largely lost on me until Piers Morgan took his time slot and subsequently failed. Watch the suspender-wearing host talk to Craig Ferguson about his next move, David Letterman, and his final week on The Late Late Show.

Vintage Clip: Kirstie Alley Tells Larry King About Her Oprah Bikini Moment

I’ve developed a new love for Kirstie Alley lately, mostly because of her incredible performances on Dancing With the Stars. While watching some recent clips, I came across her interview with Larry King below, where she discusses her choice to appear on Oprah Winfrey’s show in a bikini. When King asked her “what she was thinking,” Kirstie accused him of looking disgusted by the clip. She then explained that she didn’t know the clip would live on forever, and she just figured she’d pose once and then be done with it. Here’s hoping she gets a show on Oprah’s new network where all she does is prance around in a bikini.

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Lady Gaga Appears on Larry King – And Dresses Like Him (Video)

Lady Gaga is hilarious.  She interviewed with Larry King, and she chose to copy his style of dressing for the interview.  She was wearing a big tie with suspenders!  What makes this even better, is that Gaga did the same thing when she interviewed with Barbara Walters.  Perez Hilton appeared on ‘The View’ and confirmed Gaga’s intention after Walters told him that she didn’t expect Gaga to dress so conservatively in the interview.  “She told me she was dressing like you,” Perez told Walters (who seemed rather flustered at the revelation).  Watch the clip below to see what I’m talking about, and scroll through the second clip to see the Barbara Walters interview.