Melissa Rivers on #ASKHERMORE — Keep it in Perspective

Melissa Rivers visited Huffington Post to promote her new Book of Joan, and she confirmed my long held belief that actresses take themselves too seriously. While I certainly support equal pay for women, the dramatic cries about gender double standards during Hollywood interviews is a little extreme. Men receive the same invasive questions about their personal life (see Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Justin Bieber, Robert Pattinson, and many more), and they certainly are not asked about hot-button political issues while walking the red carpet. As for the infamous “mani-cam,” I’d say that’s more of a gooey gimmick than sexist shtick. Watch Melissa Rivers explain that if celebrities don’t want to get asked who they are wearing, then perhaps they should pay for their dress and forgo the free loan.

Did Kathy Griffin Gun for Joan Rivers’ Job?

Call it naive, but I tend to unconditionally believe everything Page Six prints. That being said, Kathy Griffin’s denials about gunning for Joan’s job is pretty convincing. So did the red-headed spitfire set her sights on Fashion Police while Joan was in a coma? Watch her interview with Larry King below and judge for yourself.

Melissa Rivers Fights With Boyfriend on ‘Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?’

I remember once seeing Melissa Rivers at a Los Angeles club with a very unattractive man on her arm and I thought: “Wow, if I had even a modicum of her fame, I would use it to land a very attractive man — because, after all, looks are most important, right? But judging by the clip below, looks aren’t her ex-boyfriend’s only problem — he’s also a jerk. In the midst of an argument, he brought up her father’s suicide. I’m unclear why she didn’t immediately kick him out, but at least she chucked him at a later date after discovering his addiction to porn. This show sure made me feel better about my taste in men.