Kathy Griffin Exits Fashion Police: What’s Next?

Kathy Griffin has always  insisted she picks on people that have it coming, and she certainly doesn’t kick em’ when they’re down. That philosophy, along with her non-joke-telling comedic format made me question her place on Fashion Police from the start. The show warrants short sound bites and old-school joke telling, which is a dead art among many of today’s top comics. In fact, Joan Rivers might have been the last of that breed. And when you’re behind-the-scenes writers are providing material for a NON-comic that can’t self-edit, you’re left with the Guiliana Rancic/Zendaya mess. In defense of Guiliana, the “You’re not Joan Rivers” comments are unwarranted, mostly because Joan herself was often embroiled in similar drama. The difference of course, is that Joan had a built in, very large fan base that was always willing to forget or forgive, and Guiliana doesn’t. If I produced this show, I’d sack the writers and refresh the format with a classic left-of-center choice like Gilbert Gottfried and then fight like hell for Tim Gunn. Read Griffin’s official statement below.

Kathy Griffin Weighs in on Guiliana Rancic Controversy

fashion_police_castKathy Griffin weighed in on the Guiliana Rancic controversy, and her take is far more classy than that of her cohort, Kelly Osbourne. Instead of trying to punch her way out of a paper bag with an angry twitter rant, Griffin gave an educated answer, explaining that Rancic should refrain from using joke writers, given that she already has enough inside content from being on the red carpet itself. She also said she nixed a “whore score,” segment, calling it “simply the lowest hanging fruit.”


Did Kathy Griffin Gun for Joan Rivers’ Job?

Call it naive, but I tend to unconditionally believe everything Page Six prints. That being said, Kathy Griffin’s denials about gunning for Joan’s job is pretty convincing. So did the red-headed spitfire set her sights on Fashion Police while Joan was in a coma? Watch her interview with Larry King below and judge for yourself.

Andy Cohen v. Jillian Michaels — Feud Mystery Solved

Andy Cohen recently declared the Jillian Michaels as his “worst guest ever,” and feigned dumbfounded ignorance about the source of her after-interview rage. After combing through the show, the mystery’s been solved. Watch the clip below to see Andy replay an extremely embarrassing 2005 moment in which Kathy Griffin unnecessarily roasts the Biggest Loser host who was actually excited to appear on ‘My Life on the D List.’ Given that Cohen and Kathy are clearly friends, she obviously did not take kindly to reliving the moment. Watch below.

Kristin Chenoweth ‘Explains’ Jake Pavelka Pic on Kathy Griffin

kathyUntil now, Kristin Chenoweth had yet to publicly address her odd romantic rendezvous with The Bachelor’s Jake Pavelka. For a woman with such a stellar dating resume (see Aaron Sorkin), it was certainly a shocking pick. Watch her reaction to Kathy Griffin’s inquiry.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck Attacks Bill Maher — Wildly Inappropriate

It’s time for Elizabeth Hasselbeck to leave the television business. She hogged Bill Maher’s entire segment on The View to address a joke he once made about her, insisting that “she knows funny” and “that wasn’t funny.” The joke in question involved journalist Lara Logan who was captured while covering Hosni Mubarak’s resignation in Egypt. At the time, Maher said that they should trade Hasselbeck for Logan. When she asked if Maher would say that joke again knowing what he knows now, Maher said, “if I knew I’d have to dedicate my entire segment to discussing it, then no.” Their fight reminded me of a bad relationship argument, where the man apologizes for “hurting” the woman, who then insists that she’s incapable of being hurt as some ploy to feign strength. I have to congratulate Bill Maher for being an extremely kind gentlemen to Hasselbeck. Personally, I would have told her to piss-off and stop chirping in my face. She should have just admitted that she can’t get over the boy who pushed her on the playground. Might I also point out that this isn’t the first time Hasselbeck has taken a comedian to task that’s insulted her. Remember when she awkwardly confronted Kathy Griffin? Did she not learn her lesson? I also have a message to The View’s producers. If you invite a guest on your show, then instruct your whiny host to keep her mouth shut. You don’t invite a guest to your party only to set them on fire.

Kathy Griffin on Conan — Does Conan Have Audience Issues?

Being the dedicated “online journalist” that I am, I often watch late-night interviews. One of my favorite late-night guests is Kathy Griffin, who consistently kills it. So when I watched her on Conan O’Brien, I couldn’t help but notice the uncomfortable laughs from the audience, and it felt a bit like she was tanking. Then I came to a very powerful realization — and it’s one that Conan’s people should listen to. His audience sucks. Almost every guest appears to be tanking, including comedians. The audience is either not laughing, or there are some sound issues that make them feel too far way from the guest. Are they not properly warmed up? Perhaps Conan’s team should watch Chelsea Lately, because her audience seems to erupt in laughter on a per minute basis. Is Chelsea just funnier than Conan? I doubt it. Get on the ball, Coco.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck Calls Out Kathy Griffin on ‘The View’ – Who Wins?

Kathy Griffin appeared on ‘The View’ yesterday, and Elizabeth Hasselbeck was not too pleased to see her.  Griffin often makes fun of Hasselbeck in her act, and at one point she even said to the press that “somehow, [she] has snowed American audiences into not knowing that she is a fucking Survivor reject. I am sorry; I am going to listen to the political beliefs of someone who wore wacky scarves on Survivor?”  Hasselbeck broke her silent-treatment to ask Griffin if it’s uncomfortable for her to encounter the person that she makes “un-funny” jokes about.  Griffin’s response?  “Bring it bitch!”  My first piece of advice to Hasselbeck is not to go toe-to-toe with a comedian – you’ll always lose.  Second, if you are going to act like a pouty four year old every time you see someone on your show that has said mean things about you, it is time to work somewhere else.  Watch the exchange below.