Kelly Osbourne Tweets The Number of Ozzy’s Mistress

KellyOsbourneAimee Osbourne once said that her mother’s fame was at the expense of her father’s legacy, which is ever-the-more accurate given the revelations surrounding Ozzy’s recent affair. Aimee’s disinterest in the Osbourne’s now legendary reality show forced her to move out of her family’s home during a key time in her development, but her family carried forth with the plan regardless. In short? She seems normal, and the rest of the family does not. That includes Kelly Osbourne, who recently tweeted the phone number of her father’s alleged mistress. I need not explain why this is a bad idea, or why it’s odd to publicize one’s private business in this way. I don’t even think the Kardashians would stoop to this level (Well . . . maybe Rob).


Kathy Griffin Weighs in on Guiliana Rancic Controversy

fashion_police_castKathy Griffin weighed in on the Guiliana Rancic controversy, and her take is far more classy than that of her cohort, Kelly Osbourne. Instead of trying to punch her way out of a paper bag with an angry twitter rant, Griffin gave an educated answer, explaining that Rancic should refrain from using joke writers, given that she already has enough inside content from being on the red carpet itself. She also said she nixed a “whore score,” segment, calling it “simply the lowest hanging fruit.”


Kelly Osbourne Exits Fashion Police: What Have We Learned?

There are very few worlds in which one can bad-mouth his or her boss with zero repercussions, and that includes the entertainment business. And although Kelly Osbourne might have risked her own reputation by remaining silent, she’d also have kept her ‘Fashion Police’ job. In case you missed it, Guiliana Rancic received serious heat for a racially insensitive remark about Zendaya’s hair, and Osbourne outwardly expressed her outrage. Her rant solidified some already shaky job security, and she’s since been ousted. As for mommy dearest, Sharon Osbourne predictably came to her daughter’s defense, which is especially ironic since Sharon herself has been fired for bad-mouthing her own bosses. Perhaps everyone, including Kelly Osbourne, can learn a thing or two from the young Zendaya Coleman, who patiently explained her position in the most eloquent fashion, and stayed above the fray. She did not threaten, she did not name call, and she explained her point sans profanity. It appears youth is not wasted on the young after all.

Kelly Osbourne Covers BWatt Magazine — Looks Stunning

Kelly Osbourne looked captivating on the cover of BWatt Magazine, where she talked about her upcoming fashion line, her addiction issues, working with Joan Rivers on Fashion Police, and her brother’s public struggle with Multiple Sclerosis. To read the entire interview, visit BWatt.





Kelly Osbourne’s Memo to Miley Cyrus: “Put Your Tongue Away”

Kelly Osbourne is nothing if not consistent. After astutely calling Lady Gaga a copy cat for her “Girl With a Dragon Tattoo” look, she’s now done the same with Miley Cyrus, labeling her unoriginal for ironically wearing a similar look to Lady Gaga’s egg costume during the Video Music Awards. She also critiqued her performance, with a specific request for the provocative pop tart to “put her tongue in her mouth.” Watch below.

Joan Rivers on Lady Gaga: “For God’s Sake, Calm Down”

“I think this will hurt Gaga a little in the long term. It’s brought up again the fact she loves animals and wears fur. Fashion Police’ is funny. Gaga, of all people, should know that. She worked the same little clubs I did in the Village. She has gay followers and she doesn’t know funny? For God’s sake, calm down. I think that Gaga, who is making hundreds of millions of dollars a year with a bad nose, should get on her knees and thank God.” Joan Rivers on Lady Gaga’s feud with Kelly Osbourne over Kelly’s critique of Gaga’s recent weight gain.

Did You Know: The Osbournes Have a Third Child Named Aimee Osbourne?

Most people don’t know that Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne spawned three children, not two.  We all know about Kelly Osbourne and Jack Osbourne, but what about Aimee, and why wasn’t she ever featured on The Osbournes?  The story is somewhat interesting.  Aimee hated the idea for the show, and she refused to appear in it.  She predicted that it would ruin her father’s public image, and she later said the show turned him into a “laughing stock.”  She said it was edited to make Ozzy look a “clown” and a “stuttering alcoholic.”  She also indicated that it was all her mother’s idea, and Sharon ultimately “won,” by becoming extremely successful.  But Aimee still objects because her mother’s success was at the expense of her fathers image, saying, “after all those years of hard work and touring, this is how he’ll be remembered and appreciated.”