Kelly Osbourne Tweets The Number of Ozzy’s Mistress

KellyOsbourneAimee Osbourne once said that her mother’s fame was at the expense of her father’s legacy, which is ever-the-more accurate given the revelations surrounding Ozzy’s recent affair. Aimee’s disinterest in the Osbourne’s now legendary reality show forced her to move out of her family’s home during a key time in her development, but her family carried forth with the plan regardless. In short? She seems normal, and the rest of the family does not. That includes Kelly Osbourne, who recently tweeted the phone number of her father’s alleged mistress. I need not explain why this is a bad idea, or why it’s odd to publicize one’s private business in this way. I don’t even think the Kardashians would stoop to this level (Well . . . maybe Rob).


Sharon Osbourne Addresses Split on ‘The Talk’



Not one to take news of her split lying down, Sharon Osbourne returned to ‘The Talk’ on the heels of separation from longtime love and father of her three children, Ozzy Osbourne. While sipping an appropriate glass of Lemonade, Osbourne said, “I don’t know where I’m going, who I’m going with. And I just need time to think. And really think about myself, about what do I really want for … Because I’m 63 years of age and I can’t keep living like this.” She’s obviously alluding to Ozzy’s alleged affair with a hairdresser, and her subsequent questions about divorce. Her daughter joined the action by holding a picture of a lemon on Instagram.

Kelly Osbourne Exits Fashion Police: What Have We Learned?

There are very few worlds in which one can bad-mouth his or her boss with zero repercussions, and that includes the entertainment business. And although Kelly Osbourne might have risked her own reputation by remaining silent, she’d also have kept her ‘Fashion Police’ job. In case you missed it, Guiliana Rancic received serious heat for a racially insensitive remark about Zendaya’s hair, and Osbourne outwardly expressed her outrage. Her rant solidified some already shaky job security, and she’s since been ousted. As for mommy dearest, Sharon Osbourne predictably came to her daughter’s defense, which is especially ironic since Sharon herself has been fired for bad-mouthing her own bosses. Perhaps everyone, including Kelly Osbourne, can learn a thing or two from the young Zendaya Coleman, who patiently explained her position in the most eloquent fashion, and stayed above the fray. She did not threaten, she did not name call, and she explained her point sans profanity. It appears youth is not wasted on the young after all.

Sharon Osbourne v. NBC — Quits America’s Got Talent

The business is brutal, and Sharon Osbourne learned that the hard way when NBC allegedly axed her son, Jack Osbourne, from their new show after learning of his Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. She called the move “discrimination,” but NBC insists that since Jack Osbourne didn’t sign on the dotted line, the deal never existed in the first place. So what’s the truth? Well — it’s likely somewhere in the middle. Everyone knows that the entertainment business is predicated on “hand-shake” deals that stay in place until the contract is signed. Sure those deals aren’t legally sound, but it’s a gentleman’s agreement until the contract can be properly executed. My guess is that NBC didn’t want the liability of employing someone with a physically demanding disease on a physically active show, and that’s more about being scared of a lawsuit than it is about “discrimation.” Furthermore, if NBC wants Sharon Osbourne back, she doesn’t have a choice. It’s the network’s option to employ her next year — not hers. She’s under contract — and she did sign on the dotted line.

Howard Stern Will Judge America’s Got Talent! — HOORAY!

Howard Stern fans everywhere have something to celebrate today. We finally will see more of him — and this time he’ll be on mainstream television. NBC confirmed today that he’s officially signed on to judge America’s Got Talent, and they are even moving production to New York to accommodate him (everyone knows Stern hates to fly). Stern has famously complained for years that he wants to judge a talent show, calling the format “easy money,” and saying that he’d lecture the contestants on the ability to make money off their craft. In fact, he recently told Sharon Osbourne that last year’s America’s Got Talent winner was a mistake, as “no one needs a Frank Sinatra impersonator.” Since Stern and Simon Cowell (the show’s creator) are friends, it only makes sense that he’d be courted. I must admit I’m shocked he took the job. He doesn’t need the money, and at this stage in his career I figured he’d want less work — not more. But the man always surprises me.

‘The Talk’ Panel Tells Howard Stern Why Leah Remini & Holly Robinson Peete Were Fired

Howard Stern is the only man who could get to the bottom of why Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete were fired from The Talk. Sara Gilbert, Julie Chen, and Sharon Osbourne appeared on Howard Stern’s radio show to promote The Talk, and Stern grilled them for an explanation. Though Stern implied that Chen was to blame because of her marriage to CBS honcho Les Moonves, Gilbert quickly came to her defense and explained that the studio and the network made the final decision, and Chen didn’t have a say. Stern then pressed Osbourne, who is always honest. She quickly said that the chemistry was clearly off with the prior panel, and she therefore had a feeling they’d get the boot. Stern also asked Chen to confirm whether she insisted on being present when hot-button subjects were discussed, and she admitted that because of her journalist background, she was the only one who knew how to avoid a lawsuit. So what have we learned from all of this? We learned that the television industry is very similar to high-school, so you better make nice with the popular girls, especially when one such popular girl is dating the captain of the football team.

Marissa Jaret Winokur Leaves The Talk — My Prediction Was Correct

I hate being right sometimes.  I know that sounds sarcastic, but I really do hate being correct when it involves someone’s job.  About a month ago, I wrote a post about how Marissa Jaret Winokur might be fired from The Talk, as she’s rarely ever seen on the show.  It’s now official.  Marissa and CBS “mutually parted ways.”  I actually really liked Marissa on the show, but I know about Hollywood head-counts, and where fat can be trimmed — it will be trimmed.  Plus, it is absolutely ridiculous to have that many panelists on The Talk.  Without Winokur, there are still five women, one of which also needs to go.  I won’t tell you who though, because here at The Dishmaster, I try to be positive.  After all, someone told me last night that I “come off as very negative,” and because I’m actually an inherently positive person, I refrained from telling him to “go fu*k himself.”