Guiliana Rancic Confirms Return to Fashion Police

Guiliana Rancic continues her desperate apology tour post Fashion-Police-Faux-Pas, and she’s now confirmed her slot on the new-season panel. The entire debacle is especially curious, given E!’s decision not to defend its star amidst the heavy backlash. If it’s true that their writer’s room wrote the joke and the editing room cut out relevant context, then E! should have stood behind their star. Instead, they hung her out to dry with no public statement. As for why anyone would want to return to a hot seat sans behind-the-scenes support, I can only assume fame trumps reason. Watch her confirmation below.

Kathy Griffin Weighs in on Guiliana Rancic Controversy

fashion_police_castKathy Griffin weighed in on the Guiliana Rancic controversy, and her take is far more classy than that of her cohort, Kelly Osbourne. Instead of trying to punch her way out of a paper bag with an angry twitter rant, Griffin gave an educated answer, explaining that Rancic should refrain from using joke writers, given that she already has enough inside content from being on the red carpet itself. She also said she nixed a “whore score,” segment, calling it “simply the lowest hanging fruit.”


Kelly Osbourne Exits Fashion Police: What Have We Learned?

There are very few worlds in which one can bad-mouth his or her boss with zero repercussions, and that includes the entertainment business. And although Kelly Osbourne might have risked her own reputation by remaining silent, she’d also have kept her ‘Fashion Police’ job. In case you missed it, Guiliana Rancic received serious heat for a racially insensitive remark about Zendaya’s hair, and Osbourne outwardly expressed her outrage. Her rant solidified some already shaky job security, and she’s since been ousted. As for mommy dearest, Sharon Osbourne predictably came to her daughter’s defense, which is especially ironic since Sharon herself has been fired for bad-mouthing her own bosses. Perhaps everyone, including Kelly Osbourne, can learn a thing or two from the young Zendaya Coleman, who patiently explained her position in the most eloquent fashion, and stayed above the fray. She did not threaten, she did not name call, and she explained her point sans profanity. It appears youth is not wasted on the young after all.

Did Kathy Griffin Gun for Joan Rivers’ Job?

Call it naive, but I tend to unconditionally believe everything Page Six prints. That being said, Kathy Griffin’s denials about gunning for Joan’s job is pretty convincing. So did the red-headed spitfire set her sights on Fashion Police while Joan was in a coma? Watch her interview with Larry King below and judge for yourself.

Joe Jonas Disses Taylor Swift: “She’s Been Dumped A Lot”

If you’re going to publicly bash all your exes for their part in your breakup, then expect a public response. Joe Jonas joins a very long list of men on Taylor Swift’s hit-list. Having allegedly dumped the singer via text message, Jonas was the subject of many angry barbs from America’s sweetheart, who perpetually bashed his botching of their breakup. Though most singers write about their personal pain, Swift has always taken it a step further, adding details to each song that alert the public to its subject. So as I said — if you’re going to dish it out, you better be able to take it. Watch the clip below. Something tells me Jonas might get another song soon.

Kelly Osbourne’s Memo to Miley Cyrus: “Put Your Tongue Away”

Kelly Osbourne is nothing if not consistent. After astutely calling Lady Gaga a copy cat for her “Girl With a Dragon Tattoo” look, she’s now done the same with Miley Cyrus, labeling her unoriginal for ironically wearing a similar look to Lady Gaga’s egg costume during the Video Music Awards. She also critiqued her performance, with a specific request for the provocative pop tart to “put her tongue in her mouth.” Watch below.