Joe Jonas Disses Taylor Swift: “She’s Been Dumped A Lot”

If you’re going to publicly bash all your exes for their part in your breakup, then expect a public response. Joe Jonas joins a very long list of men on Taylor Swift’s hit-list. Having allegedly dumped the singer via text message, Jonas was the subject of many angry barbs from America’s sweetheart, who perpetually bashed his botching of their breakup. Though most singers write about their personal pain, Swift has always taken it a step further, adding details to each song that alert the public to its subject. So as I said — if you’re going to dish it out, you better be able to take it. Watch the clip below. Something tells me Jonas might get another song soon.

Joe Jonas Says he Dumped Demi Lovato – Is that Necessary Joe?

Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato broke up, and Joe decided to take a very classy approach by letting the press know that it was “his decision” to end the relationship. Really Joe? Next are you going to tell the papers that she put on a few pounds and you just weren’t attracted to her anymore? Just say the breakup was mutual and move on. I think Lovato needs to call Ryan Phillipe, who once said on Howard Stern that he would no longer date a girl with a publicist, after Abbie Cornish felt the need to release a statement that she dumped him and not the other way around.