Andy Cohen v. Jillian Michaels — Feud Mystery Solved

Andy Cohen recently declared the Jillian Michaels as his “worst guest ever,” and feigned dumbfounded ignorance about the source of her after-interview rage. After combing through the show, the mystery’s been solved. Watch the clip below to see Andy replay an extremely embarrassing 2005 moment in which Kathy Griffin unnecessarily roasts the Biggest Loser host who was actually excited to appear on ‘My Life on the D List.’ Given that Cohen and Kathy are clearly friends, she obviously did not take kindly to reliving the moment. Watch below.

Andy Cohen on Jillian Michaels: “Worst Guest Ever”

When asked about his worst guest ever, Andy Cohen did not disappoint. He named Jillian Michaels as his top tyrant, claiming she was “so mean to [his] staff,” and yelled at them like they “were on The Biggest Loser.” Watch his juicy revelation below.