Elizabeth Hasselbeck Attacks Bill Maher — Wildly Inappropriate

It’s time for Elizabeth Hasselbeck to leave the television business. She hogged Bill Maher’s entire segment on The View to address a joke he once made about her, insisting that “she knows funny” and “that wasn’t funny.” The joke in question involved journalist Lara Logan who was captured while covering Hosni Mubarak’s resignation in Egypt. At the time, Maher said that they should trade Hasselbeck for Logan. When she asked if Maher would say that joke again knowing what he knows now, Maher said, “if I knew I’d have to dedicate my entire segment to discussing it, then no.” Their fight reminded me of a bad relationship argument, where the man apologizes for “hurting” the woman, who then insists that she’s incapable of being hurt as some ploy to feign strength. I have to congratulate Bill Maher for being an extremely kind gentlemen to Hasselbeck. Personally, I would have told her to piss-off and stop chirping in my face. She should have just admitted that she can’t get over the boy who pushed her on the playground. Might I also point out that this isn’t the first time Hasselbeck has taken a comedian to task that’s insulted her. Remember when she awkwardly confronted Kathy Griffin? Did she not learn her lesson? I also have a message to The View’s producers. If you invite a guest on your show, then instruct your whiny host to keep her mouth shut. You don’t invite a guest to your party only to set them on fire.

2 thoughts on “Elizabeth Hasselbeck Attacks Bill Maher — Wildly Inappropriate”

  1. Hasselbeck is quite ill informed, clonish and unsuited for real political analysis.  She has no depth, a thin skin and is self righteous without an original thought of her own.

    She is likely the only human on earth who remembered that joke and no one really cares.  Get over it you little eighth grade brat and stay off television becuase you have nothing of substance to contribute.

  2. I can only guess that the View producers love to have this
    whiny crybaby create these awkward confrontations because
    they know they’ll have a lot more viewers tuning in the next
    day to see if she’ll do it again, or rehash it. I’m one of many 
    Americans over 50 who are educated and can’t find jobs,
    and when i have to listen to somebody like EH have her tantrums
    and who is probably well compensated for 5 hours of “work” 
    every week it makes me sick. 

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