Craig Ferguson on “Larry King Now” — WATCH CLIPS

There’s something about Larry King interviews that ooze importance, which is a detail that was largely lost on me until Piers Morgan took his time slot and subsequently failed. Watch the suspender-wearing host talk to Craig Ferguson about his next move, David Letterman, and his final week on The Late Late Show.

Jason Alexander Rocks His Rug — WATCH NOW

I find sweet pleasure in picking on Jason Alexander’s hair piece, and it’s not because I have an evil heart. It’s nice to see Hollywood take a hit at a man’s awkward appearance for a change. One thing is clear though, and it’s that Jason Alexander is completely ridiculous. I’d like to think that the intention of all aesthetic change is to trick the public into thinking it’s natural. And while many women with inflated breasts and frozen faces might violate that rule, it’s still a viable standard nonetheless. Where is Elaine Benes to rip that off his bald head when you need her? Watch Jason discuss his fake hair with Craig Ferguson below.