Will Howard Stern Leave Sirius for an Adam Curry Podcast?

Howard Stern recently interviewed Adam Curry, a multi-millionaire also known as the “pod-father of radio.”  Stern asked him if it was possible to make money off of podcasting, and Curry offered him $100 million dollars on the spot to work for him.  I blew it off at the time, but I now think that Curry is among Stern’s “other offers” that he mentions during his on-air, angry negotiations with Sirius.  Today, he said that he will “find a way” to bring new technology to people’s cars, and if he has to leave Sirius he is sure his fans will follow him, regardless of the technology.  I think he was cryptically referring to Curry’s offer.  Here’s my advice for Stern — either return to terrestrial, stay with Sirius, or leave radio altogether.  When Stern left terrestrial radio, he severely cut his listening audience, because many of his loyal fans did not switch over to satellite radio.  If he again changed technology, he would cut his audience even further, and his voice would essentially become obsolete.  Sometimes it’s not about the money, it’s about your legacy, your brand, and sheer numbers.  $100 million dollars sure is a lot of money, but is it worth it? Further reading: Was Howard Stern’s Vacation Really a Contract Negotiation?