Musicians that Want to be Actors — Is it Possible?

Some actors have easily made the transition to music (i.e. Jennifer Lopez), but it seems much harder for musicians to make the transition to acting.  My theory?  Many actors got their start in musical theater, and can already sing, so the transition isn’t as difficult.  But what musician hung out in their high school’s drama club?  I can’t think of a faster way to loose your rock star status.  I’ve compiled a list of musicians that gave acting the old college try, but to no avail.

Mariah Carey has had the acting bug for quite some time. I first saw her on the big screen with a funny cameo in 1999’s The Bachelor, and she later starred in Glitter. She got her first positive accolades from her appearance in Precious, coupled with much speculation about whether her woman-mustache was real or fake. Fear not — it was fake.

Justin Timberlake has had a few substantial acting roles, but has yet to find his breakout hit. He first impressed me in a movie called Alpha Dog, where he proved he can definitely act. He’s just filmed Bad Teacher, with his ex-girlfriend, Cameron Diaz — who I assume recommended him for the role. It certainly pays to be on good terms with exes. Perhaps I should start making some bury-the-hatchet phone calls?

You might not know that Jon Bon Jovi tried to be an actor. After Robert Downey Jr. left Ally McBeal due to some highly publicized “issues,” Bon Jovi became her new love interest, in hopes of resurrecting the ratings. It didn’t work. Though he was certainly nice to look at, there just wasn’t any chemistry. He also appeared as Sarah Jessica Parker’s love interest on Sex and the City.  I actually think his best role was as an angry wife-beater in Pay it Forward, but the film never took off.

Britney Spears holds the title as having the only music worthy of my work-out routine. She once starred in her own film, Crossroads, which many considered a “flop.” The truth? It only cost $12 million to make, and it grossed over $60 million. That’s not a flop. And I’m not embarrassed to admit that I liked it.  She hasn’t done any movies since, which I think she’s fine with.

Sean “Puffy” Combs’ first acting role was in Monster’s Ball. But given that his clothing line is uber successful, he might look at acting as a fun hobby on the side, rather than tangible goal. In fact, he received the Menswear Designer of the Year Award by the Council of Fashion Designers, for his Sean John clothing line.

Eve has had some great roles. My personal favorite, was her role in The Woodsman, an incredible film starring Kevin Bacon, which never took off. She also recently appeared on Glee.

*Yes, there are exceptions to this list. Look at Barbra Streisand, Dolly Parton, and and Jennifer Hudson.