Today’s Question: Is There Another Olsen Sister?

This news blew my mind.  All this time I thought I only had to be annoyed by the Full House twins, and now I discover that there’s actually a third sister in the business?  Who knew?   Elizabeth Olsen, the 21 year old younger sister of Mary Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen, will be starring in the Indie film, Peace, Love & Misunderstanding, alongside Chace Crawford and Jane Fonda.  I suppose this news is so shocking because I’ve read many interviews with the Olsen twins (yes, I’m embarrassed to admit that), and at no point did either one of them mention a sister.  In fact, I often thought that the Olsen sisters were actually Siamese twins, given that they both give such similar answers in interviews.  And by “similar,” I mean an equal amount of nothing.  Alright, now I’m just being mean.  But seriously, another Olsen?!