Dear Celebrities, Stop Asking Us To Focus on “More Important” Things

In response to the outrage over the Glee GQ cover, bad-boy Mark Salling said he thinks it’s “not a big deal,” because “people are starving,” and “there’s more important things to worry about in the world.”  Can celebrities stop making this argument when trying to circumvent tabloid criticism? I’m fully capable of focusing on world peace and a slutty GQ cover at the same time.  Isn’t it funny  how much information my pea-sized-brain can actually handle? How about I focus on those things and stop watching Glee altogether (since that other stuff is so much more important)?  The cover was gross and unnecessary.  Accept responsibility and move on.

2 thoughts on “Dear Celebrities, Stop Asking Us To Focus on “More Important” Things”

  1. Yes, you should stop watching Glee and other silly shows and start focusing on the problems America and the world face. Many people are suffering because of the pathetic leaders we have in Washington and other governments world-wide. The only force that can truly alter our future is the power of the people, a power which can only be harnessed if the population as a whole starts educating themselves on the problems and issues of our day!

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