Mariah Carey’s Image — What Went Wrong

I’ve always been a huge Mariah Carey fan, not only because of her voice, but also because of her personality.  She seemed to be the only major superstar that was down to earth.  You would never know that information though, based on her recent image in the press.  Ever since she married Nick Cannon, she’s become an inaccessible caricature of herself.  She recently slipped at a concert and arrived at the airport in a wheelchair.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she had handlers spritzing her with Evian water too.  Rumor has it she’s pregnant, which might explain the wheelchair, but if I were representing her, I would advise her to tweet something self-deprecating about it.  Otherwise, she looks like a strange diva that needs to be wrangled.  There are also many stories in the press about her insane entourage, and she often admits to it with a laugh.  I’m sick of it.  Watch a vintage interview with Mariah below, so you can see what I mean about being down to earth.  She discusses her divorce from Tommy Mattola with Barbara Walters.  It’s time for a new Barbara Walters interview.

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