Movie Review: The Town

This is one of the best films I’ve seen in a long time.  The film follows Doug MacRay (Ben Affleck), who heads up a four person bank robbery team. They rob a bank, and MacRay follows one of the hostages after she’s released, to ensure she won’t talk to the FBI. They end up dating, and she has no idea that Affleck is the man responsible for her personal nightmare. He wants to “go straight,” which proves impossible.  His love interest is played by Rebecca Hall, and I’m uncertain that the film would have survived without her performance. She blew me away. As for Affleck, I think this is the first role of his that I’ve really enjoyed since Good Will Hunting. This is actually the third film he’s directed, though the press says it’s his second. Even Affleck admits that he’s so embarrassed by his directing debut, he’d like to forget about it entirely. I think it’s important to admit his learning curve, because directors don’t make movies like this right out of the gate.

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