Radar Online Calls Lady Gaga Fat — Seriously, Guys?

If you click on the “about me” section to the right of this post, you’ll see my mission statement, in which I declare an end to internet bullying that I see elsewhere.  Today’s culprit is Radar Online, who accused Lady Gaga of having a “muffin top and a belly roll.”  The evidence for their disgusting claim is based on an unflattering photo of the singer in a slouched position.  First of all, every woman on the planet knows that the crouched position is never flattering.  Second, can the editor of Radar Online please pose in a speedo so that I can circle his own muffin top?  I realize that Gaga invites this by wearing promiscuous clothing, but does the Radar editor hope to see a stick thin woman?  Evidence suggests that men who favor stick-thin women are closet homosexuals.  And if you’re wondering where I got that scientific data, it’s from TheDishmaster.edu.  Look it up.

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