The Beach Boys Lip-Sync? — Too Bad it’s Not “The Beach Boys”

“The Beach Boys” are under fire for lip-synching at a concert in Australia, and I’m shocked that the real scandal isn’t the fact that it’s not actually The Beach Boys that performed at the concert.  Everyone knows that two of the original members of the group have died (Carl and Dennis Wilson), and the other two surviving members (Al Jardine and Brian Wilson) don’t perform with the group anymore.  That leaves only Mike Love, who parades around with his sad little tribute band, using the name “The Beach Boys.”  How do you call yourself by that name without Brian Wilson, the true brains behind the band?  It’s almost insulting that Mike Love gets away with this, especially after he’s had a lot of fun suing the other members, claiming that he had more of a song-writing influence than he was originally credited for.  I guess Wilson and Jardine don’t want to play in the sandbox with the litigious toddler.  By the way, wasn’t it Mike Love who opposed Pet Sounds, arguably one of the greatest albums in music history?  Yeah — he’s the guy I want to see live.  Click the link below to watch the alleged lip-syncing.

Did Mike Love Lip-Sync?

Update: Mike love responded to this controversy saying, “We do not lip sync. I want to make it 100 per cent clear that The Beach Boys do not and never have lip-synced their concerts. They have been touring since 1961 and generally have performed in more than a hundred cities a year since the beginning. I guess we should take it as a compliment that it sounded so good.” Is it possible for Mike Love to get any more annoying? Your band has not been touring since 1961 Mike! This is not The Beach Boys!

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