Did You Know: The Social Network Twins Are Played by One Person?

A friend of mine told me that the Winklevoss twins from The Social Network are played by one actor, and I rolled my eyes at his stupidity. I condescendingly told him that it would be impossible, because most of the shots had both twins. After looking on IMDB, I discovered that I owed my friend a serious apology for my scornful eye-roll. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are played by Armie Hammer with the help of some serious movie magic. Apparently, an actor named Josh Pence played the other twin in every scene where the brothers were seen together. Then, Armie Hammer’s face was essentially super-imposed over James Pence’s face, so Pence’s acting skills won’t get credit from the general public. It’s even more interesting that Pence landed the part before finding out that his face would be “morphed” to match Hammer’s, which Pence admits required him to “swallow his ego.” Both actors did get the opportunity to meet the real Winklevoss twins though, which ironically began through Facebook.

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