Armie Hammer Arrested for Weed — Career Suicide?

I have a lot of friends who smoke weed. And though I outwardly say, “no judgment,” my internal monologue is on rapid-fire thinking things like, “this drug is ruining your life; your brain has become a latke; you’re a loaf of bread; if you keep this up, you’ll eventually deteriorate into an actual potato (forgive my excessive food references).” So you can imagine my reaction when I heard that The Social Network star, Armie Hammer, was arrested for pot possession. Aside from no longer finding him attractive on any level, it’s bad for his career. The illusion of perfection if important to maintain — TMZ is for the end of your career — not the beginning.

Did You Know: Jesse Eisenberg’s Sister is The Pepsi Kid?

My friend just told me this while complaining that Jesse Eisenberg seems angry every time The Social Network gets mentioned at the Oscars.  Perhaps he’s just as socially awkward as his character?  Anyways, his little sister, Hallie Eisenberg, is the adorably dimpled Pepsi girl.   The brother/sister duo actually worked together in the 2010 film, Holy Rollers.  Who knew?  Watch the commercial below for some nostalgia.

Did You Know: Jesse Eisenberg Acted in ‘The Squid and the Whale’

Jesse Eisenberg recently said that he doesn’t think his performance in The Social Network is the best of his career, as he feels like he’s “acted better in other things.”  After reading this quote, I immediately looked up Eisenberg’s resume to figure out what he could be referring to. It occurred to me that he played the troubled son in the very underrated and moving film, The Squid and the Whale, and if you haven’t seen it — you should.  Watch it below.

Did You Know: The Social Network Twins Are Played by One Person?

A friend of mine told me that the Winklevoss twins from The Social Network are played by one actor, and I rolled my eyes at his stupidity. I condescendingly told him that it would be impossible, because most of the shots had both twins. After looking on IMDB, I discovered that I owed my friend a serious apology for my scornful eye-roll. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are played by Armie Hammer with the help of some serious movie magic. Apparently, an actor named Josh Pence played the other twin in every scene where the brothers were seen together. Then, Armie Hammer’s face was essentially super-imposed over James Pence’s face, so Pence’s acting skills won’t get credit from the general public. It’s even more interesting that Pence landed the part before finding out that his face would be “morphed” to match Hammer’s, which Pence admits required him to “swallow his ego.” Both actors did get the opportunity to meet the real Winklevoss twins though, which ironically began through Facebook.