Elton John’s Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial — With Melanie Amaro! — Yes!

The real king in Elton John’s Super Bowl commercial is Simon Cowell, who somehow managed to hook up X Factor winner Melanie Amaro with a Super Bowl commercial. The man is a genius. The success of X Factor is dependent on his winners becoming stars in the real world, so this choice was brilliant. Plus, the commercial is funny. Watch below.

Did You Know: Jesse Eisenberg’s Sister is The Pepsi Kid?

My friend just told me this while complaining that Jesse Eisenberg seems angry every time The Social Network gets mentioned at the Oscars.  Perhaps he’s just as socially awkward as his character?  Anyways, his little sister, Hallie Eisenberg, is the adorably dimpled Pepsi girl.   The brother/sister duo actually worked together in the 2010 film, Holy Rollers.  Who knew?  Watch the commercial below for some nostalgia.