Adele Sings ‘Someone Like You’ at the VMA’s — Kills It!

The most painful reality of life is not getting to share it with our greatest love. For some kind of horrific, unexplainable reason, we don’t always get to be with our most powerful love, and only Adele could master this pain in her beautiful song, ‘Someone Like You.’ She wrote it after her relationship ended with “the love of her life,” and she later said she would “never forgive herself” for its failure. In the song, Adele imagines what it would be like to run into her ex years later, after having discovered he settled down with someone else, and she was still searching. There is quite possibly nothing worse. I’ve posted her chilling performance from the Video Music Awards below, and I dare you to listen to it without crying. I have to warn you though — if you just exited a relationship, you should probably refrain. In fact, I’m currently on hiatus from the entire album. It’s just too damn close to home.

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Kim Kardashian

Maria Menounos — Man, she’s hot!

Katie Holmes

Beyonce showing off her baby bump for the first time 

Selena Gomez

The Cast of ‘Jersey Shore’ — Looking extra orange

Victoria Justice

Shaun Robinson

Kelly Rowland

Britney Spears

Bonnie McKee

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Did You Know: Jesse Eisenberg’s Sister is The Pepsi Kid?

My friend just told me this while complaining that Jesse Eisenberg seems angry every time The Social Network gets mentioned at the Oscars.  Perhaps he’s just as socially awkward as his character?  Anyways, his little sister, Hallie Eisenberg, is the adorably dimpled Pepsi girl.   The brother/sister duo actually worked together in the 2010 film, Holy Rollers.  Who knew?  Watch the commercial below for some nostalgia.

Anne Hathway and James Franco — Worst Hosts in Oscar History

I’ve never appreciated Hugh Jackman so much in my life. There’s something to be said for picking seasoned performers to host the Oscars, and it’s fair to say that Anne Hathaway and James Franco do not qualify. Their opening video package was terrible, as was Anne Hathaway and James Franco’s feeble attempt at jokes. At one point the camera panned to Anne’s mother in the audience, who told her to “stand up straight,” and I almost changed the channel. For a moment I thought Hugh Jackman might come to the rescue and do a number with Anne, but no such luck. Instead, Anne sang a parody of On My Own, in reference to Hugh backing out of their performance. It wasn’t funny, and it was instead extremely uncomfortable to watch. Despite popular belief, it’s not my style to tear people apart on my blog, but choosing these two to host the Oscars is simply inexcusable, and it needs to be said. They should not have been asked and they should not have accepted. There are a lot of seasoned executives involved in this decision-making process, and they should know better. I’m furious.

Ricky Gervais Was Asked to Host the Golden Globes Again — Trust Me

I will make this post short and sweet.  Ricky Gervais announced that he’s being pursued to host the Golden Globes again, but he isn’t sure he’ll accept.  In response, the Golden Globes powers-that-be insist that they never extended an offer his way.  Here’s what I know for sure.  The more hullabaloo, the better the ratings, and the better the ratings, the more likely Ricky Gervais is to be asked back.  I can only guess that the Golden Globes are denying it because Hollywood doesn’t like to discuss behind-the-scenes matters until the dotted line is signed.  But controversy doesn’t get people fired in Hollywood, it gets them hired (with the exception of Mel Gibson, of course).

Jennifer Lopez Threatens Ricky Gervais — Admits She’s Humorless

Jennifer Lopez wasn’t pleased with Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes, saying that there was an uncomfortable silence in the room while he was telling his jokes.  And Lopez had no problem threatening Gervais directly.  Upon seeing him backstage, she said, ‘Listen! I will kill you, you understand, I am from New York, my husband fights, we both fight, we will beat you up after the show … with a couple of bleep bleeps in there.”  First of all, I imagine that the Lopez wasn’t sitting at the “fun table,” during the show, so it doesn’t surprise that her friends are also humorless.  Second, if you can’t take a joke, then don’t go to an awards show hosted by Ricky Gervais.  Having said that, I fear for Gervais, who would likely lose in a throw-down with Jennifer Lopez.

Golden Globes Recap: Did Robert De Niro Hire Comedy Writers for His Speech?

Robert De Niro accepted the Cecil B. DeMille award at last night’s Golden Globes, and he clearly hired comedy writers for his speech. It’s common knowledge in Hollywood that De Niro hates doing interviews, and hates public speaking. That’s why you rarely see him promote his movies on late night talk shows (unless of course he produced the movie, in which case he promotes the hell out of it, because it’s more money in his pocket). That explains why he would try to be funny, and why he would hire outside writers for help. The only funny joke in the entire speech was his self-deprecating jab at Little Fockers, saying, saying, he’s “glad the Hollywood Foreign Press decided to give him the award two months ago, well before they had a chance to review Little Fockers.” Other than that, he made some very inappropriate jokes that didn’t fit his personality at all. Can’t the guy just get up there and give a thank you speech that he wrote himself? Sure, it might be boring. But it wouldn’t be inappropriate.

Golden Globes Recap: Stop With the Botox!

I hate botox.  Despite the proclamations of many actresses that insist they use it “sparingly,” I can always tell and it’s always horrible.  My problem isn’t that actresses in their forties shouldn’t look twenty, it’s that actresses in their forties shouldn’t look terrible.  Having said that, there was a certain actress at the Golden Globes that clearly went for injections prior to the awards show, and she was almost unrecognizable.  I will not say her name, because that would just be mean, but consider this a message to all actresses everywhere.  The botox looks abominable.  Stop doing it.  It’s disgusting.

Golden Globes Recap: Glee’s Chris Colfer Wins the Night

Out of all the wins at the 2011 Golden Globes, Chris Colfer was my favorite.  Sure, I’m a biased Glee fan.  But he was both shocked and humble, which made me love him even more than I love his character on Glee.  Ryan Murphy recently said that he was most surprised by Colfer’s nomination, which explains Colfer’s exasperated look when they announced his name.  I really don’t think he expected to win, especially considering who he was up against.  But if you’ve paid any attention to his storyline this season, his character addresses gay bullying, which has been brought to our attention after recent tragedies in the news.  He deserved the win.  Congrats, Colfer.  Watch is speech below.

Golden Globes Recap: Don’t “Shh” Me at Your Viewing Party!

Dear everyone — When attending a Golden Globes party at someone’s house, please be aware that the invitation said “party” for a reason.  If you want to hear everything that is being said during the show, then please stay home and sit in your own personal silence.  But when you rudely yell out “shh” to the other guests while they are mingling, you’re the asshole.  Not me.