Adele’s Grammy Speech — Addresses her “Rubbish Relationship”

I’m late in posting this, but better late than never. Adele’s Grammy acceptance speech for album of the year further proved why she’s deserving of her success. Aside from the insane quality of her album, she’s humble and appreciative, and she has a sense of humor about herself. In the video below, she says her record is inspired by her “rubbish relationship”, which is just “something really normal” that everyone has been through. Her comment got me thinking. While it’s true that every musician in history has likely written about heartbreak during the course of their career, this album had an unprecedented, unique impact. She has an unmatched, raw authenticity that differentiates her from other musicians that sing about their “rubbish relationships.” And if you don’t believe me, click here for further proof.

Quote of the Day — Who Inspired Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’?

“I got a text from one of our mutual friends saying, ‘He’s found someone else and they’re engaged.’ I was over him, but I was like, ‘Oh! Am I that easy to replace?’ He never wanted to f***ing be with me. He was like, ‘Even if we’re together forever, I’m never getting married.’ I thought the world had ended and I was going to sit in my dark flat forever and my dog was going to eat me.” Adele, on the inspiration for her smash hit, “Someone Like You”


Adele Sings ‘Someone Like You’ at the VMA’s — Kills It!

The most painful reality of life is not getting to share it with our greatest love. For some kind of horrific, unexplainable reason, we don’t always get to be with our most powerful love, and only Adele could master this pain in her beautiful song, ‘Someone Like You.’ She wrote it after her relationship ended with “the love of her life,” and she later said she would “never forgive herself” for its failure. In the song, Adele imagines what it would be like to run into her ex years later, after having discovered he settled down with someone else, and she was still searching. There is quite possibly nothing worse. I’ve posted her chilling performance from the Video Music Awards below, and I dare you to listen to it without crying. I have to warn you though — if you just exited a relationship, you should probably refrain. In fact, I’m currently on hiatus from the entire album. It’s just too damn close to home.

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Amber Riley Sings Adele’s Someone Like You on her Webcam — Bad Move?

I’ve said this many times on The Dishmaster before, but once you’re on a hit show like Glee, you have to not only create a celebrity mystique, but you must also watch your brand, to ensure that your personal life doesn’t conflict with your character.  That brings me to Amber Riley, who covered Adele’s Someone Like You on her webcam.  Though I think she has a great voice, I’m fundamentally against this on principle.  You’re on an expensive network television show, and your broadcasting a song on your personal webcam inside your apartment.  It looks unprofessional and cheap — and you have an image to maintain.


Adele Sings ‘Someone Like You’ at the 2011 Brit Awards

Adele’s new album drops in two days, and from what I’ve heard so far, it will be better than her first.  She sang ‘Someone Like You’ at the Brit Awards this year, and the performance was incredible.  Watch below.