Chris Brown’s New Video — Should We Forgive Him?

My good friend called me yesterday to say he disliked my Chris Brown/Grammy post, insisting that Brown still isn’t worthy of the public’s forgiveness. “But when is enough, enough?” I said. And if the guy laid brick for a living, should we call his boss and ask that he be fired?” According to my friend, laying brick comes with different standards than being in the public eye, and it’s therefore worthy of different repercussions. And furthermore, Chris Brown doesn’t seem contrite. I argued that Brown might not share the same education and upbringing as other celebrities who have had trouble, and he’s therefore not able to properly articulate his regret. My friend pounced on that argument, saying, “He’s surrounded by people that are coaching him about what to say, and he still can’t do it. At some point, it’s about him and him alone. It’s too soon to accept him back.” He also referenced Brown’s Good Morning America debacle, saying, “that doesn’t look like a guy who is sorry.” He might be right, and he’s nearly convinced me. But until I decide, I’m posting his new video below, because you cannot deny that the guy can dance.

Adele’s Grammy Speech — Addresses her “Rubbish Relationship”

I’m late in posting this, but better late than never. Adele’s Grammy acceptance speech for album of the year further proved why she’s deserving of her success. Aside from the insane quality of her album, she’s humble and appreciative, and she has a sense of humor about herself. In the video below, she says her record is inspired by her “rubbish relationship”, which is just “something really normal” that everyone has been through. Her comment got me thinking. While it’s true that every musician in history has likely written about heartbreak during the course of their career, this album had an unprecedented, unique impact. She has an unmatched, raw authenticity that differentiates her from other musicians that sing about their “rubbish relationships.” And if you don’t believe me, click here for further proof.

Chris Brown’s Grammy Performance — Outrage Continues

If we have to pay for our sins for the rest of our lives, then we’re all screwed. When Chris Brown performed at the Grammys everyone was outraged, including country star Miranda Lambert who tweeted, “Chris Brown twice? I don’t get it. He beat on a girl … Not cool that we act like that didn’t happen.” Though I have my doubts about his contrition, there’s one thing I know for sure — eternal punishment will halt reform. His physical abuse of Rihanna is certainly deplorable. And he unequivocally deserves to be punished. But when does it end? When is enough, enough? When is the man allowed to move on with his life and continue working? What if he laid brick for a living? Should we call his boss demand he be fired? This is his job. This is how he makes his living. If he’s contrite, and if he’s done the personal work to ensure he doesn’t make the same mistake twice, then he deserves to be forgiven.

Jennifer Hudson Sings Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” at Grammys — Incredible

Jennifer Hudson’s performance of Whitney Houston’s, “I Will Always Love You”, was technically brilliant and incredibly moving. She was subdued and emotional, and she gave us a beautiful reminder of the greatness that was Whitney Houston. Watch below. Goodbye, Whitney.

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The Beach Boys Reunite at Grammys — Mike Love & Brian Wilson Still Hate Each Other?

The performance below infuriated me. I don’t have the energy to summarize all the ways that Mike Love of The Beach Boys wronged Brian Wilson, so just click here if you’re interested. That being said, Love and Wilson presumably agreed to the Grammy performance after much cajoling from outside forces, considering Love has been touring without any of the original band members for years and fallaciously referring to his crappy tribute band as, “The Beach Boys.” Translation? — I hate Mike Love. In the performance below, watch Love basically have sex with himself on camera and barely look at Brian Wilson, who is the unequivocal genius behind the band. The camera should have stayed heavily on Wilson and not Love. It’s absolutely ridiculous otherwise.

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Bruno Mars at the 2012 Grammys — Kills It!

The award for best performance at the 2012 Grammys easily goes to Bruno Mars. He was phenomenal. The choreography combined with the throwback styling was brilliant. He managed to achieve something glamorous and over-the-top while still maintaining a sense of authenticity. That is hard to do. Watch below.

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Taylor Swift Sings “Mean” at the Grammys — Excellent

I’ve always loved Taylor Swift, but her performance of “Mean” at the 2012 Grammys was especially good. Though her vocal prowess is limited, she makes up for it with stage presence. And in the performance below, she’s clearly using that stage to sing directly to those who wronged her. It must have been of notable enjoyment when she said, “someday I’ll be singing this at the Grammys and all you’re ever gonna be is mean.”

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Pat Monahan of ‘Train’ Thanks Howard Stern at the Grammys — I Love Him

Jerry Seinfeld once said that you appear on Howard Stern’s radio show when “you’re career is on it’s way up and when it’s on its way down.” Pat Monahan of ‘Train’ might be the only entertainer to contradict that theory. If you’re a Howard Stern fan, then you know that Stern frequently has Pat on his show, even when the band was basically down and out. When Hey, Soul Sister made its way on the Billboard charts and revived the band’s pop culture status, Pat returned to Howard Stern’s show to thank him for his support. So it didn’t surprise me that Monahan thanked him at the end of his Grammy acceptance speech, even though it surprised the rest of America. Watch the video below.

Lady Gaga Arrives At the Grammys in an Egg — Or a Silicone Breast

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding Lady Gaga’s Grammy arrival, and I’m convinced the press got it wrong.  If you look closely at the video below, you’ll notice that it’s not an egg at all.  I did some Gaga research, and I discovered that she’s actually spent most of her life dreaming of entering the inside of a woman’s fake breast, and she wanted to fulfill her fantasy in front of her fans.  Alright, that’s a joke . . . or is it?  Watch the video below and judge for yourself.  As an aside, with all the music rip-off posts I’ve been writing lately, it’s only fair to also point out television show rip-offs.  Watch the second video to see what I mean.