Dave Grohl on ‘After Lately’ — Jen is Obsessed

I don’t think the video below is very funny. In fact, I think Chelsea Handler’s side-show, ‘After Lately’, is altogether humorless. That being said, Dave Grohl is incredibly hot, and I therefore have no other choice but to post it. Please watch and then envision The Dishmaster and Grohl living happily ever after. After all, we manifest our destinies, right?

Vintage Quote of the Day — Dave Grohl on Kurt Cobain’s Death

“My soul went dead to music. It’s like a defense mechanism. When music touches a place in you that’s so deep that it can cause pain, you build walls around it and shut yourself off. In 1994 music represented everything to me. My relationships with people. My state of mind. My well-being. So when something like Kurt dying happens, the music reminds you of everything, and you’ve just gotta turn it off. It was just too… overwhelming. But then what happens is, music becomes healing. Still, to this day, one of the reasons why I do what I’m doing is because of all of that.” Dave Grohl, also known as “the-love-of-my-life“, discussing how he felt after Kurt Cobain died.

Lady Gaga Sings ‘Edge of Glory’ on Howard Stern — Magical

I have to admit that I’m not a Lady Gaga fan. I find her to be indulgent and inauthentic. Plus, I don’t love her music. Having said that, her performance of ‘Edge of Glory’ on Howard Stern blew me away. Dave Grohl once said that his acoustic performance of ‘Everlong’ on Howard Stern put Foo Fighters on the map, and I have a feeling Gaga will join Grohl in the Howard Stern history books. Listen below.

Dave Grohl Yells at Rowdy Fan — Dave Grohl is Hot

If you read my blog then you’re well aware of my celebrity crushes. One such crush is Dave Grohl. And to think I’m not even a Foo Fighters fan. He’s a rock star that doesn’t do drugs, he has all his hair, and he’s a great interview. Plus, he’s a bad-ass. Watch the heavily bleeped clip below to understand what I mean. Grohl stopped his concert to yell at a fan in the audience who he spotted fighting. Did I mention that Dave Grohl is hot?

Foo Fighters Album is #1 — Congratulations, Dave Grohl

Anyone who knows me is aware that I’m secretly in love with Dave Grohl. This isn’t because I’m some insane Foo Fighters or Nirvana fan, it’s simply because I’ve read a lot of Grohl interviews and listened to him on Howard Stern. I think the guy is brilliant. He’s openly discussed the pain he felt after Kurt Cobain’s death and he’s navigated the Courtney Love disaster with an incredible amount of class. Also — he’s a rock star who doesn’t do drugs. That means if my fantasy were fulfilled, I’d get the sexy man with none of the baggage. So I’d like to take the opportunity to extend a major congratulations to the Foo Fighters for their album hitting number one. It’s their first number one album of their career, and they even knocked Adele off her slot. These guys deserve it.

Glee’s Ryan Murphy Apologizes — Listens to Dave Grohl

Leave it to Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters to knock Ryan Murphy off his judgmental throne. After months of lambasting artists who refuse to release their songs to Glee, Murphy finally apologized. His apology followed Dave Grohl’s recent comments about Murphy, stating that musicians have every right to turn down his show, and they shouldn’t be personally insulted for doing so. In an  interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Murphy said he “didn’t speak with as much clarity as he would have liked.” He said he “completely understands when artists don’t want a show or another artist to interpret their songs. In fact, [he] respect[s] it.” Wow — that’s quite a change in “clarity” from his original “f–k you” to the band. At least he learned his lesson. I’d like to give Dave Grohl some much-deserved kudos for putting Ryan Murphy in his place. The drummer for Kings of Leon tried to do the exact same thing, and he failed miserably. In fact, the press called him anti-gay at the time, and he was forced to issue an apology. By the way, have I mentioned my huge crush on Dave Grohl?

Dave Grohl Calls Glee Creator Ryan Murphy a “Jerk” — Makes a Good Point

Dave Grohl has joined the list of musicians that refuse to feature their music on Glee, and he insulted Ryan Murphy in the process. Though I usually come to Ryan Murphy’s defense, Grohl has officially changed my mind. He said that he has no interest in featuring his songs on the hit show, and he, along with other musicians who feel the same way, should not be attacked for their choice. He referenced Slash who turned down the show because he “hates musicals,” which subsequently led to Ryan Murphy calling him a “washed up old rock star.” According to Grohl, every musician has a right to reject the show without Ryan Murphy attacking them for doing so. Murphy’s personal attacks also include Kings of Leon, who he called “arrogant a*sholes.” Murphy has always said that his show is about musical education, so it’s terrible when musicians don’t want to be included in something with such a positive message. Though I see his point, Dave Grohl has a better one. Just because someone as legendary as Slash doesn’t want his music on your show, doesn’t warrant you bludgeoning him over the head with your anger. May I also point out that I’m a huge Dave Grohl fan? There’s no better guy to interview. To read one of his greatest interviews, click the link below.