The Beach Boys Reunite at Grammys — Mike Love & Brian Wilson Still Hate Each Other?

The performance below infuriated me. I don’t have the energy to summarize all the ways that Mike Love of The Beach Boys wronged Brian Wilson, so just click here if you’re interested. That being said, Love and Wilson presumably agreed to the Grammy performance after much cajoling from outside forces, considering Love has been touring without any of the original band members for years and fallaciously referring to his crappy tribute band as, “The Beach Boys.” Translation? — I hate Mike Love. In the performance below, watch Love basically have sex with himself on camera and barely look at Brian Wilson, who is the unequivocal genius behind the band. The camera should have stayed heavily on Wilson and not Love. It’s absolutely ridiculous otherwise.

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8 thoughts on “The Beach Boys Reunite at Grammys — Mike Love & Brian Wilson Still Hate Each Other?”

  1. Damn skippy. You know what I’d like to do with that damn finger Mike Love has been pointing at us while lipsync’ing through crappy concerts as the lamest BB? Could never stand him. He’s a legend in his mind only.

  2. Was Mike drunk or stoned or something? His voice was low and at one point AAdam has to might him because he missed a song cute at the end…his eyes were closed…I right he fell asleep.

  3. You know what’s really sad and ridiculous?  The fact that none of you know what you are talking about!!!  None of you know Mike Love or will ever understand the deep love and respect that Mike and Brian have for each other!  Its comments like these that create negativity and discourage positive growth and change!  Mike was having a moment of gratitude and prayer when he closed his, eyes, he DID NOT fall asleep!!!  FYI, Mike has never lip synched one dy in his 50 year career, he will take your ridiculous comments as a compliment, he must sound so fantastic that you assume he is not singing.  It’s amazing that Brian will compliment Mike on his vocals, but you people can’t help yourselves, you live for negativity!  Whether you like it or not, Mike n Brian created this amazing body of music together!  They are family, childhood best friends, if they are happy, why are you all so miserable.  In closing Get a life and enjoy the music!!!!!

    1. Um . . . yes I actually do have it on very good authority that he’s a huge asshole. Additionally, I also know that Brian Wilson hates him. But thanks for trying to assert otherwise. It was cute.

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