Chris Brown’s New Video — Should We Forgive Him?

My good friend called me yesterday to say he disliked my Chris Brown/Grammy post, insisting that Brown still isn’t worthy of the public’s forgiveness. “But when is enough, enough?” I said. And if the guy laid brick for a living, should we call his boss and ask that he be fired?” According to my friend, laying brick comes with different standards than being in the public eye, and it’s therefore worthy of different repercussions. And furthermore, Chris Brown doesn’t seem contrite. I argued that Brown might not share the same education and upbringing as other celebrities who have had trouble, and he’s therefore not able to properly articulate his regret. My friend pounced on that argument, saying, “He’s surrounded by people that are coaching him about what to say, and he still can’t do it. At some point, it’s about him and him alone. It’s too soon to accept him back.” He also referenced Brown’s Good Morning America debacle, saying, “that doesn’t look like a guy who is sorry.” He might be right, and he’s nearly convinced me. But until I decide, I’m posting his new video below, because you cannot deny that the guy can dance.

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