The Dirty Won’t Remove Naked Erin Andrews Pictures — Will Nik Richie Rot in Hell?

Erin Andrews is a warrior.  Not only did she have a psycho stalker take naked pictures of her that ended up all over the internet, but she continues to fight every single website that keeps her photos posted.  So when I read that she had her lawyer send a letter to, asking them to remove the naked pictures of her, I assumed they would be taken down immediately.  Why? Because no one is possibly that evil, right?  Once a stalker-victim contacts you directly, wouldn’t your ounce of humanity kick in?  Apparently,, doesn’t believe in humanity, and they updated their post after receiving Andrews’ letter, to say, “are these the pictures your lawyer wants me to remove?  I’m confused.”  In case you’re not aware, is run by Nik Richie, who is married to Shayne Lamas of The Bachelor fame.  Lamas broke up with Bachelor Matt Grant, because “she thought she was marrying a banker, and then found out he really wanted to be a television host.”  It’s nice to know Shayne found someone with better career standards.  Congratulations on trading up.

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