Dear Media, Stop Reporting Playboy Offers

Part of my job as a professional blogger is to read an insane amount of news daily.  In reading much of the mindless dribble, I constantly come across the same story — what new celebrity was offered money to pose nude for Playboy.  I’m sick of it.  Playboy whores out offers to celebrities daily, mostly because they’ll take just about any Z-lister to pose nude, because a naked “name” will increase sales for the magazine.  Even though Playboy knows that mostly all celebrities will decline the offer, they still email every news outlet on the planet to make them aware that the offer was made.  Why?  Because the offer alone, combined with a big name, equals promotion for the magazine.   It’s a cheap way to advertise, and enough is enough.  I’ve posted the latest stories below.

Jersey Shore’s JWOWW turns down $400,000 Playboy offer.  Pop Crunch

TV Reporter Ines Sainz declines naked Playboy photo shoot.  Huffington Post

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