Tony Danza’s ‘Teach’ — The Best New Show on Television

I became interested in Tony Danza’s new show, Teach, after reading a great review on Reality Blurred.  Last night, I finally took the time to watch the show, and it’s fantastic.  Teach follows Tony Danza during his first year as an English teacher at Philadelphia’s Northeast High School.  It’s less of a reality show and more of a documentary, and I think it accurately portrays the struggles of teaching.  Danza has an instructor monitoring his class to give him teaching tips, and he’s always willing to learn.  Because it’s Tony Danza I was particularly surprised at his investment in the job.  That’s likely because I’m an egomaniac, and I imagine that if I was in the same position, and the students were talking back to me, I might yell out something like, “I don’t have to be here!  I’m a Hollywood actor!”  Not Danza though.  He’s endlessly endearing and would not dream of taking his job for granted.  Plus, these kids never watched Who’s The Boss, and even if they did, I’m not sure it would make much difference to them.  I’ve attached the trailer below.  If you want to watch more, click the link before the video.


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