Kristen Stewart — The Worst Talk Show Guest Ever

There’s something very funny about Kristen Stewart — and it’s unintentional.  She often appears on talk shows to promote new projects, and she can barely put two sentences together during the interview.  I imagine that she’s insanely nervous, because I can’t think of any other explanation.  I doubt she sits at home and thinks, “I’m going to make Regis and Kelly squirm by only giving them one-word-answers to every question.  Regis and Kelly probably come up with a list of 500 questions for the six minute segment, given that each answer is just two seconds long.  I’ve also seen her on Letterman, and Letterman almost always holds up pictures of various things during her segment to fill the time.  These hosts would be better off booking a Z-lister, who likely would make a better interview.  Watch below — it’s very funny.

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