Brandy and Maksim Eliminated From DWTS — I’m not Surprised

Bristol Palin is inhaling a shit-storm of criticism for staying on Dancing With the Stars despite more successful dancers getting eliminated.  Many blame the tea party for inflating votes, but I actually think voters got it right.  If the competition was based solely on dancing ability, I could understand the outrage.  But it’s not.  It’s based on dancing ability, improvement, and personality.  Brandy and Maksim both lacked the third element.  Maksim is excessively arrogant, often talking back to the judges.  For goodness sakes, he even defended slapping Brandy on the ass as part of his incredible teaching ability!  You can’t win a voter-based competition and act like an ass. So congratulations Bristol — you deserve to be there.

One thought on “Brandy and Maksim Eliminated From DWTS — I’m not Surprised”

  1. COMPLETELY AGREE!!! MAKSIM….has the worst attitude ever!!! Extremely arrogant!!! He just can not accept any critics at all!!! Thank goodness, he was sent home!!! On the other hand, Brandy, she is a good dancer, but her personality is just not as genuine as Bristol , eventhough she dances better than Bristol. Who wants to see ” fake Brandy” and ” arrogant bastard ” again on TV anyway ?!? they deserved to GO HOME!!!

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