Chris Rock Tells Howard Stern How to Improve His Show

Every time I get frustrated with Howard Stern’s radio show I imagine myself having a personal conversation with Stern and telling him everything he needs to improve.  But I don’t have to — because Chris Rock does my dirty work.  Rock Called Stern’s show today and told Stern that his show “needs some improvements.”  Stern was quiet, presumably because he doesn’t take criticism well.  Rock wasn’t intimidated and said that if he’s going to take Friday’s off he should still have an original show on the air.  He also told him that the “unannounced Mondays have to fucking stop.”  Rock is referring to Stern’s incessant vacations, which Stern never announces.  It’s infuritating because you get into the car to go to work on a Monday morning, turn on your radio in anticipation of a new Howard Stern show, and you get dated, repeated crap instead.  When Stern said he would stay on the air if he could work less hours, Rock said, “you barely work now.”  Stern told Rock that Oprah does less hours than him and gets away with it, and Rock said that it’s a ridiculous comparison.  Way to go, Chris!

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