Dear Katy Perry — You Should Only Wear Latex Dresses

Branding is extremely important for a musician.  When you explode on the music scene, the first question is, “who is this person and what can I expect from them?”  Oops — that was two questions — forgive me.  For a pop singer, the answer to those questions is usually, “I’m no one and you can expect nothing from me.”  Okay — that was mean.  Anyways, Katy Perry has done a good job of staying relevant, and she’s actually really intelligent and sassy.  So I’d like to take a moment to give her some free Dishmaster advice.  Dear Katy Perry — from now on, you should only wear latex dresses.  The squeezed-in look is hot, and it’s better than Lady Gaga’s Schizophrenic style.  At the very least — it’s consistent and original.  See the pictures below, and let me know if you agree.

2 thoughts on “Dear Katy Perry — You Should Only Wear Latex Dresses”

  1. Without a doubt, a great look for her. I wouldn’t say wear it all the time, because she must have to powder the shit out of herself under those things. Latex just doesn’t breathe.

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