Do Celebrity Fragrances Stink up Hollywood?

Celebrity fragrances are on my list of Hollywood no-nos. I can’t decide which is a more money-hungry endeavor: creating a fragrance or releasing a “auto-biography” written by an uncredited ghost-writer. I understand that movies don’t pay what they used to, and I also understand that everyone is entitled to a little extra cash. That being said, I still find it extremely off-putting to create a fragrance — probably because it reeks of desperation (pun intended). For years, celebrities refrained from endorsing products in commercials, for fear of hurting their brand. Stars like Tom Cruise, only endorsed products overseas, because Americans looked down upon it. But times have changed, and actors have replaced models in commercials and on the covers of magazines. And after it slowly became okay to discuss laundry on television, it’s also became okay to be the 500th celebrity to create a fragrance, in hopes of just free raking in some free cash (and it’s a lot of cash). But is it worth it? Isn’t it still important to keep your brand intact?

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