Howard Stern on Les Moonves: “I Don’t Have to Suck his Balls”

Howard Stern went on one of his infamous tirades today, aimed specifically at Les Moonves and Joel Hollander.  Hollander and Moonves ran the show while Stern was on terrestrial radio, and they both sued him for breach of contract when he left for Sirius satellite radio.  Since the lawsuit, Stern periodically bashes the two bloated suits, and today’s bashing session started because Hollander actually said something nice about Stern in the paper.  When asked what Sirius would do if Howard left when his contract ended, Hollander said, “Howard can do whatever he wants and be successful in any medium on any platform.  But if I were a betting man, I’d guess that he’d stay.”  Stern wasn’t pleased that Hollander complimented him, especially since he previously sued him.  Stern remembered his meeting with Moonves and Hollander, when he confronted them with the lawsuit “with tears in his eyes.”  I almost began to feel a little sad myself, until Stern ended his tearful recount with the statement, “I don’t have to suck Les’ balls!”

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