Good Morning America Interviews Randy Quaid — Shame on You ABC

Good Morning America interviewed Randy Quaid about his paranoia, and I find it disgusting.  It’s obvious the interviewer thinks they are mentally ill, and yet has no problem preying on that mental illness by exposing it to America.  Is this the new way to get ratings?  Find someone with mental problems and nationally humiliate them?  Quaid has been arrested multiple times and he currently lives in Canada because he “fears for his life” in the United States.  I’ve posted the interview below, despite the obvious hypocrisy of doing so.  It was a tough call.

3 thoughts on “Good Morning America Interviews Randy Quaid — Shame on You ABC”

  1. You had to post it – if only for my edification. Based on this clip, I suspect that the wife is the crazier one and may be giving Quaid drugs to make him crazy. But I do wonder if there is merit to their theory that Gibson was slipped some mickeys – that would be the most plausible explanation for his wildly erratic beliefs and actions.

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