EXCLUSIVE: The Truth Behind the Morgan Freeman / B.J. Lawson Controversy

Many months ago, I exposed that Morgan Freeman is so in demand for voice-over work, he actually has a voice-over double who replaces him and no one knows the difference. It appears this may finally have bitten him in the ass.  Morgan Freeman is pissed about B.J. Lawson’s political ads, because many think that it’s Freeman’s voice in the commercials.  Freeman has publicly stated that it’s not his voice, and he doesn’t support the Republican candidate for Congress. I’m not sure if the voice-over in the B.J. Lawson commercial is actually Freeman’s voice-over double, but if it is, the guy is getting fired. I have to give credit to Lawson’s camp though. There’s nothing illegal about using a voice-over that sounds like Freeman, and since they never claimed it was Freeman’s voice, they got away with it. Perhaps Freeman will chuck his voice double and start working overtime now.  Watch below.

UPDATE: It appears Lawson’s camp did say it was Freeman’s voice. I smell a lawsuit.

2 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: The Truth Behind the Morgan Freeman / B.J. Lawson Controversy”

  1. What will the lawsuit be: property right to public image – like the Vanna White Robot? Or is this like when you put the athlete’s picture on the Cereal box? Hmm, the things I can’t quite remember…

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