Celebrities Abandon Twitter to Raise Money — The World’s Dumbest Idea

Kim Kardashian and many other celebrities have shut down their twitter accounts in an effort to raise money for World Aids Day, and they promise not to return to the social networking medium until they raise one million dollars.  The stupidity of this is shocking — even for celebrities.  Doesn’t it make more sense to use your social networking platform for your cause  — instead of silencing your voice until money is raised?  I’d also like to ask if we can change the rules so that these celebrities promise to stay off twitter forever if they raise the money?  I’ll definitely donate under those parameters.  The egotism of this is also astonishing.  Does Kim Kardashian really think that people would miss her tweets so much that they would actually donate money to bring back her 140 words of wisdom?  And by the way — if the money is actually raised, please refrain from sending me I-told-you-so emails.  It won’t be raised because they abandoned twitter, it will be raised because they went on talk shows asking for donations, which only proves my point about the squeaky wheel.

2 thoughts on “Celebrities Abandon Twitter to Raise Money — The World’s Dumbest Idea”

  1. You are so Dead Balls Accurate on this one Dishmaster. I will pay to continue the silence. Keep up the great work! Your #2 fan.
    BIG B

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