Ciara’s Video Banned from BET — Has Sex With Her Clothes On?

Alright, this is certainly old news, but when Ciara reminded Chelsea Lately of the controversy surrounding her ‘Ride’ video, I had no choice but to watch it.  Remember that girl at high school dances that basically had sex with the floor, and you thought — wow, that girl is NOT a virgin.  Yeah — I think we can all agree that Ciara’s had plenty of sex.  Call me a prude, but who knew these moves even existed?  As an aside, I find it interesting that videos can get banned based on dancing alone and not nudity.  She’s wearing some kind of unitard that completely covers her body — yet she’s — well — just watch it.

6 thoughts on “Ciara’s Video Banned from BET — Has Sex With Her Clothes On?”

  1. I don’t see the big deal. I have dance moves just like her! (expect the bull riding).

    Looks like a great ab workout..sign me up.

  2. No rules and regulations in bed, do not feel ashamed at trying new things, which satisfy all about yourself and your partner.

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