Erin Barry Denies Tony Parker Affair — Confirms She’s Annoying

I almost vomited when I read Erin Barry’s statement about her alleged extra-marital affair with Eva Longoria’s husband, Tony Parker.  She spent most of the letter talking about how important she is, and how she is “way too busy” to fuck Tony Parker, or to worry about home-wrecker accusations.  At one point she even discusses how she likes to save little children in her spare time.  Oh yeah — and she’s in law school.  Wow — if throwing your law degree around actually excused morally depraved actions, I guess I could have a permanent get-out-of-jail-free card.  Couldn’t she just write two sentences about how she doesn’t like to screw married men and call it a day?  Did I mention that she blames the rumors on the fact that she and Parker are going through divorces at the same time, and not the fact that Eva Longoria exposed her name in the press.  Though I can’t confirm Longoria spilled the beans, I’m almost positive that’s how this information leaked.  Does Barry really think I’m going to believe her name was pulled out of thin air?  If it was merely about “getting divorced at the same time,” then I’m sure Tony Parker could be accused of screwing every single woman on the planet, because the divorce rate is around 60% now.  And by the way — please refrain from demeaning Eva Lonogoria’s feelings by going on and on about how this isn’t important to you.  If it were me, and this accusation was false, I might say something like, “I’m so sorry that Eva Longoria has to deal with this.  Divorce is hard enough without these false rumors on top of it.”

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