Is ‘The View’s’ Product Placement Working?

No one is a bigger fan of The View than The Dishmaster, but Sherri Shepherd’s commercials during the show must stop.  I understand that the network has to make money, and this seems like a creative way to do it, but it simply doesn’t work.  First, it’s not technically “product placement.”  Product placement occurs when someone within a television show uses a product, and the audience notices it without even thinking it’s a commercial.  It’s akin to your mother sneaking carrots in your brownies.  Second, because it’s completely obvious when Sherri begins to endorse the product, I simply fast forward through it, as if it’s a regular commercial.  See the problem?  This ridiculous idea started when Rosie was on The View, and they tried to continue it after she left.  The difference is that when Rosie gave gifts to the audience she made it seem as if she really used the product and spent her own personal funds to gift the audience with something she genuinely thought they might like.  She wasn’t simply pimping out products because she was paid to do so.

One thought on “Is ‘The View’s’ Product Placement Working?”

  1. This writer is incorrect. There are different types of product placement and the writer doesn’t understand that what the View does IS one type of it. So your definition is wrong.

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