Sherri Shepherd Sends Jesus Cards to Jews

I’ve heard Sherri Shepherd mention this before, and it’s so annoying I’m surprised I didn’t post about it the first time around.  When discussing what cards to send to friends during holiday season, Shepherd says she consistently sends Christmas cards that mention Jesus because “that’s what she believes in.”  When Behar asked if she sends those cards to her Jewish friends, Shepherd said yes, followed by the same ridiculous explanation.  First of all, may I just say that I find it absolutely infuriating when I’m given Christmas cards?  You guessed it — I’m a Jew.  I don’t believe in Jesus, and I don’t want your Jesus card!  Second, it’s incredibly selfish to use your own holiday as a barometer for what card to send out.  Allow me to use an analogy for Sherri Shepherd.  Should I give my friend who is allergic to chocolate a big box of chocolates for the holidays?  After all, that’s what I eat!  And if I eat chocolate, then she should too, right?

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