Whoopi Goldberg Hates Babies?

Every time I’m on an airplane next to a baby I get a sad look from the parent that says, “I’m really sorry that you have to sit next to my screaming baby.”  I always tell the parent not to worry, as I have an incredible ability to tune out sound, no matter how loud.  I once told this to my friend with three children who said, “Dishmaster, there’s a special place in heaven for you”  Alright — he didn’t call me “Dishmaster,” but for the sake of anonymity and egotism, I changed my name for this post.  Allow me to get to the point.  If there is in fact a special place in heaven for those who are tolerant of children, let’s just say you won’t find Whoopi Goldberg  in the VIP section.  Whoopi went on another one of stroller tirades today, because apparently every mother on the planet likes to run over her foot with a stroller.  A small part of me wonders if she pissed off the soccer mom mafia, and they now go out of their way to attack her with their stollers.

Original Video– More videos at TinyPic

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