Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry Act Like Little Children

You know what’s worse than going through a divorce in public? It’s going through a public divorce and taking shots at your ex in the press. The war between Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry gets more horrible by the second, and now Halle’s camp is claiming that Aubry used to call her the N-word, and he often became enraged when others would refer to their child as black. First of all, if it’s true that Gabriel Aubry is racist (which I doubt), I’m more confused about Halle Berry’s poor judgment. Who has a child with a racist man? Second, I find the timing of this battle curious, especially since the exes traveled together for Halle Berry’s most recent movie after they had already broken up. Aubry recently filed for a custody arrangement in court, which is when the shit hit the fan. And lastly, what on earth is wrong with these people? Must you use the press to launch grenades about your personal life? If it’s not in court and a matter of public record, then it’s no one’s business. No wonder they say everyone in the business is crazy. Grow up.

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