Howard Stern Hates Piers Morgan

After listening to Howard Stern’s initial recap of his Piers Morgan interview, it was clear to me that Stern hated him.  If you’re Stern fan, then you’re familiar with his love/hate tactic of bashing.  When Stern’s unsure about whether to verbally annihilate someone, he’ll say things like, “Piers won’t survive; Piers doesn’t get it; the interview was sort of boring.”  He’ll then follow that up with a very kind and fake, “but he’s a really nice guy and I like him a lot.”  As I predicted, Stern is slowly unleashing a full-on Piers Morgan tirade, which you can hear below.  Stern is pissed that Piers Morgan offered him a once a month spot on his new CNN show, as if Howard Stern needs some kind of help with his career.  He suggested that Piers should have instead begged Stern to appear on his show again, because any Stern appearance is actually a huge favor to Piers.  It’s official — Piers Morgan made the dreaded Howard Stern shit list.

One thought on “Howard Stern Hates Piers Morgan”

  1. Who is Piers Morgan, anyway? This wanker has written 8 “books” and three are his memoirs?! He is a tabloid journalist! – who the f**k thought it was a good idea to give him Larry King’s time slot? I think Hasselhoff deserves that time slot more.
    And moreover, Who is he? Really? I am hermit and hater, but still – I don’t think I have ever once seen this person before! Somebody please enlighten me.

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