John Galliano is a Bigot — How Did he Stay Employed?

Whenever it hits the press that a well-known, rich celebrity is a bigot, I’m immediately suspicious of every single person that has ever worked with the bigot.  John Galliano, the chief designer for Christian Dior, was recently caught on tape spewing an anti-semitic rant, and it’s safe to say his career is now over.  But what about the career of everyone at Christian Dior who continued to employ Galliano for years?  Should they be held accountable?  Did they know about this?  I’m have no idea if they knew, but how could they not?  Bigots are not very good at hiding their hatred, so it shouldn’t take long to figure it out.  Dior suspended Galliano, but it’s convenient timing.  Once the public got wind of the story, there was no other choice.

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