Britney Spears on Jimmy Kimmel — Choreography STILL Not Good Enough

I promise that this is my last post about Britney Spears’ choreography.  I’ve said it twice already, and I’m only saying it a third time in hopes that her people come across this blog and fix the issue.  I have no idea why Britney Spears cannot dance anymore.  I originally thought it was nerves, but I’m starting to think she lost her edge.  I know her album is great, and I’m still a fan.  But there is an astronomical difference in her dance quality from when she first entered the business versus now, and it’s almost bizarre.  Has she forgotten how to dance?  Her choreography is incredibly easy, and her movements still aren’t crisp.  She’s walking around the stage while occasionally moving her arms around.  I’ve always defended her lip-syncing, because it was virtually impossible to sing live while executing her dance-heavy movements, but at this point, there’s no excuse.  Either sing live while surrounded by professional dancers, or actually dance.  It’s one or the other. Watch her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel below, and then watch her vintage David Letterman appearance to see the difference.

3 thoughts on “Britney Spears on Jimmy Kimmel — Choreography STILL Not Good Enough”

  1. I COULD NOT AGREE MORE WITH YOU. i think she is taking medication because of the whole mess she went thru with the breakdown and whatnot (im sure she doesnt need to be medicated because it is normal for people to have breakdowns (part of the growing up process, but shes under the spotlight-children safety blah blah blah). Anyways, there are certain medications for certain personality disorders that can make a person stiff and inflexible which is what i believe to be the cause of her inability to dance (and slight wight gain (not that shes fat, but shes not her old self either).

  2. I have a feeling after pregnancy something happened to her lower back.. That would explain her inability to shake her hips a lot..

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