‘Dancing With the Stars’ Repeats Yesterday’s Show — I’m No Fool

Want to know an easy way for a television network to pocket a ton of ad revenue without doing any work? Run a clip-show! Tonight’s Dancing With the Stars “results show” consisted of an hour long recap of yesterday’s show, and I found myself completely baffled. “At some point they have to have original content,” I thought. No such luck. At the very least ABC could air back-stage material or dress rehearsal footage for the first hour. Instead, the entire hour consisted of the brilliant Tom Bergeron wasting his skills on just introducing yesterday’s dances, which I could have easily watched online instead. I understand that ABC wants to maximize their best product, but isn’t it possible to have original content for that initial hour? Sure, it’s possible. But it’s also expensive, and I’m guessing the theory at ABC is — why do it if we don’t have to? I know your tricks ABC.

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