Howard Stern Sues Sirius — Should he Mention it on the Air?

Can someone please explain to me how you sue the company you work for and still churn out a great product for that company every day?  Such is the case with Howard Stern, who recently sued Sirius for not delivering his stock grants.  Stern’s contract provided stock awards based on increased subscriber growth, and he only received those awards in 2006 and 2007.  Sirius and XM merged in 2008, and apparently Sirius doesn’t think the increased subscribers from the merger warrant Stern’s stock awards.  According to Stern, his presence at Sirius facilitated the merger, and he’s therefore responsible for the increased subscribers.  Translation?  It’s arguable.  I’m not sure why Stern resigned with Sirius if he felt so wronged by the company, but perhaps they cajoled him into resigning by promising the previous stock awards and then didn’t deliver.  It’s unclear.  What is clear; however, is that Howard Stern is nothing if not honest on his radio show, which means, at the very least, this should be brought up on the air.  There is absolutely no legal consequence of simply saying, “yes, I’ve sued the company, but I cannot discuss it on the air.”  That way he kills the elephant in the room.

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